An identical processes was utilized to evaluate precision of your own quiddity parameters (having fun with 76 circumstances altogether)

The development of kinds and you will a good pilot accuracy decide to try live 3 weeks, where date new codebook try modified once or twice. To help you try accuracy, a few programmers (graduate youngsters) by themselves coded a batch regarding one hundred randomly selected meme instances (on 10% of one’s test). The brand new agreement rate was looked at utilizing the Krippendorff ( 2004b ) shot, that have .66 while the lowest get to accept a variable as the required (Krippendorff, 2004a ). In the course of time, two parameters, subculture (content) and you can picture listing (form) obtained an inadequate rating, and you may were removed from the new codebook, leaving forty-eight variables into the genuine coding (Come across also for the whole codebook of the general qualities in our very own research). Immediately following accuracy ended up being built, the rest of the sample is actually separated among them programmers.

Network research

I functioning community investigation procedure (Barabasi & Frangos, 2002 ; Newman, Barabasi, & Watts, 2006 ) to help you chart the content, participation, and you will function similarities ranging from meme era in addition to their cohesiveness. The stars about system was the latest meme times, and their undirected ties was the common stuff, participation, and setting features. Instance, if meme occasions A great and you may B express around three simple functions in the prominent, their link do pounds three. I constructed three separate undirected companies for blogs, setting, and you can contribution, but also a system that mixes all factors with her. The latter is short for the general proximity among meme days inside our test.

Network research allowed distinguishing the essential main meme era, put simply, people who shared the greatest number of blogs, contribution, and you will function properties with others, and those people that was basically way more peripheral, for example got unique otherwise rare features ( ). As well, taking a look at the general structure of your community, we are able to pick clusters away from meme period with high cohesiveness from posts, participation, and you can mode. We are able to following take a look at hence meme household have been significantly more cohesive than anybody else and you may tell you the hyperlink between simple characteristics and you may nearest and dearest cohesiveness.

Computing this new cohesiveness away from meme family members

Structural cohesion for the networking sites features certain specifications (Light & Harary, 2001 ). We find the most straightforward that, and you will opposed the fresh new links one of instances of a similar loved ones having ties outside of the household members. The fresh cohesiveness changeable was created to explore about what the total amount meme occasions was in fact like almost every other times on the exact same family members from inside the regards to simple content, involvement, and you can setting. Very first, i computed the fresh new community knowledge (Barabasi & Frangos, 2002 ; Newman, Barabasi, & Watts, 2006 ) of any meme instance, i.elizabeth., the number of well-known stuff, participation, and setting features this shared with other instances regarding exact same loved ones with times from other household. Following, for each and every of one’s 50 meme families within our try, i calculated the fresh new mean amount of well-known features the occasions shared inside and beyond your family relations. Finally, the cohesiveness varying is defined as the difference on suggest level of popular attributes within this and you may outside a beneficial meme relatives.

Measuring the individuality of meme families

The fresh new dimensions off uniqueness level was created to speak about just how book good meme family members was a student in terms of the universal content, contribution, and you may Elite dating mode services. This means, individuality peak shown new gap amongst the simple attributes of an effective meme household members and mainstream (the most famous simple services on the whole take to). Basic, i computed the new part of blogs, contribution, and you will setting characteristics from inside the for every family; 2nd, i determined new portion of for every feature on the entire shot; ultimately, for every single meme family relations, we determined the square-root of your sum of brand new square differences between the two (as in this new algorithm getting practical deviation). This was standardized so you’re able to include 0 and you may step 1, in which 1 stands for the very best individuality regarding an effective meme members of the family for the terms of its universal properties.